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Qu-Bit RHYTHM in stock! plus NANO-RAND & OCTONE restock

Qu-Bit News 17.01.17

The brand new Qu-Bit RHYTHM has landed!

RHYTHM is a 4 channel pattern generator with BPM display. It ships with a multitude of genre-oriented rhythms that can be altered and modulated on a per channel basis. With each parameter under voltage control, an unlimited number of permutations are available.

Incredibly musical beats can be created quickly, and the module works well alongside Qu-Bit’s other modules – such as OCTONE, CHORD and WAVE. However, as demonstrated by users such as Richard Devine, more recognisable patterns can be intuitively smashed into abstract rhythmic collisions through the application of external CV modulation.

ALSO IN STOCK (at nice prices) – OCTONE, NANO-RAND & EON


@qubitelectronix Morning beat exercises with Rhythm ???

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Ghost in the machine~ ADM14 Boomtschak, ⚡️⚡️⚡️

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Slight variation on last nights patch #modularsynth #eurorack #qubitrhythm #qubitwave #qubitchord

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