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Abstract Data ADE-32 OCTOCONTROLLER back in stock

Abstract Data News 3.1

The ever-popular ADE-32 Octocontroller from Abstract Data is back in stock. These now ship out with the latest v.1.1 firmware pre-installed. This firmware, released in 2016, tackles many requested features, and is an impressive example of a Eurorack manufacturer listening to their users, and responding.

v.1.1 applies the following changes and features:

  • External clock resolution can now be selected from 1, 4 or 24 PPQN.
  • The ADE-32 now has two clock modes. Choose between internal clock mode where the ADE-32 runs from its own internal clock or external clock mode where the ADE-32 will not run unless a clock source is present at the external clock input.
  • Switching clock modes when no external clock is present can be used for manual stop/start control.
  • The 2 blue bar/beat LEDs reverse out to show when the ADE-32 is running under external clock.
  • Each output can now be muted individually. The blue edit LED flashes to indicate a muted state on the currently selected output.
  • Various other requested changes & fixes