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NEW Malekko SND/RTN & VOLTAGE BLOCK just in & restocks: VARIGATE 8+, Sputnik 6-CHANNEL MIXER, BRAIN SEED & more..

Darkplace News 14.12.16

Another tidy box of modules from Darkplace Manufacturing has hit the store – including the NEW Malekko SND/RTN and VOLTAGE BLOCK…along with a restock of various other products

  • SND/RTN – handy interface for integrating external gear with your modular. Can take instrument or line level inputs, and includes a vc-crossfader for DRY/WET
  • VOLTAGE BLOCK – 8 independent 16-stage CV sequencers, packed with performance features and presets. Create quantized or unquantized sequences for each output, tie sequences together, mute on the fly, randomize your outputs and so much more..



  • Malekko – VARIGATE 8+ (limited quantity!)
  • Malekko – NOISE
  • Malekko – MIX 4
  • Sputnik Modular – 6-CHANNEL STEREO MIXER v.2
  • Antimatter Audio – BRAIN SEED