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Big Make Noise restock: MATHS, RENE, WOGGLEBUG, PRESSURE POINTS & more..

Make Noise News 07.12.16

We have finally restocked a range of Make Noise products, just in time for Xmas!

All items are in stock and ready for immediate despatch, although quantities are limited at present.


Products restocked are:

  • MATHS – Dual Function Generator / Voltage Processor, with a Zillion uses!
  • RENE – Unique Complex Sequencer with Performance Capabilities and Multiple CV & Gate Outputs
  • WOGGLEBUG – Complex Random Voltage Generator, with an enigmatic character!
  • TEMPI – Six-Channel Clock Module, with Manual Tap, Mutes, Channel Shifting & Presets
  • PRESSURE POINTS – Touch Plate Controller with optional Sequencing via Expander
  • BRAINS – Expander for Pressure Points, adding Sequencer functionality
  • OPTOMIX – Dual Low Pass Gate with Integrated Mixer, Envelope Generation, CV Processing & Sidechain Compression
  • LxD – Dual-channel Lowpass Gate, with 2 Different Filter Responses
  • FUNCTION – Flexible Function Generator, with added Sample & Hold / Track & Hold functionality