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Steady State Fate ULTRA-RANDOM ANALOG back in stock


The amazing ULTRA-RANDOM ANALOG from Steady State Fate is back in stock! Probably the most popular and feature-packed Random module in Eurorack, featuring:

  • Six random outputs
  • These include two clocked stepped random outputs – one with built in logarithmic slew, a third stepped output that toggles between two internal noise sources or whatever is patched into the sample inputs
  • A fully voltage controllable, smooth fluctuating random voltage output
  • A voltage controllable random gate/noise with 7 selectable levels of randomness
  • An independent vactrol based voltage controllable integrator
  • A built in 1V/Oct tracking voltage controlled clock.
  • The URA can additionally function as a dual Sample and Hold, capable of wave shaping and sample reducing CV and audio.
  • Reverse polarity protected