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Restock just in: VARIGATE 8+, VARIGATE 4, Sputnik 6-CHANNEL STEREO MIXER, Vintage Synth Lab VCF-74


The highly-anticipated VARIGATE 8+ sequencer from Malekko is back in stock. This combines many of the features that made the VARIGATE 4 so popular, and expands on them with a host of other features. VARIGATE 8+ is designed to be the ultimate compact sequencer and control station for an entire Eurorack modular system. Create songs and live performance material with 8 channels of gate outputs with up to 16 steps per channel, 2 independent CV outputs for custom scale quantization, easy recall of 10 storage banks and 100 channel presets, random functions, mute functions and so much more!

MANUAL can be found HERE



  • Malekko VARIGATE 4 – Space-Saving Four Channel Gate Sequencer, with User-Defined Control Over Rhythmic Variations
  • Sputnik Modular 6-CHANNEL STEREO MIXER – High-end Stereo Mixer with VC Panning, Headphone Out and Metering
  • Vintage Synth Lab VCF-74 – Vintage-Voiced Dual Analogue Filter, based on Korg Traveler circuit