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Future Sound Systems MTX9 in stock! plus MX1 & POCA VAC1


Well look what Finlay Shakespeare of UK-based Eurorack brand Future Sound Systems has been up to! We are pleased to announce stock of the new MTX9 PIN MATRIX – in a similar way to classic EMS synths, this will allow you to create a modular “patchbay”, which can be routed and re-routed on the fly through the insertion of “pins” (in this case, standard 2mm banana test plugs.

Signals can be routed, split/ multed…and even passively mixed together (with “averaged summing”). The whole unit is completely passive, and could even be mounted in a little external box or case if desired. Neat! Spare pins and boards are available from Future Sound Systems, and active (buffered) expander cards will be available soon.


  • MX1 – where else will you find FOUR DC-coupled channels of mixing, in 4hp…for £60! Nowhere, that’s where. It even has an extra phase-inverted output, and can be internally connected to the POCA VAC1 quad LPG if desired (through the optional MX1x accessory). Speaking of which…
  • POCA VAC 1 – this is another cheeky passive module (requires zero power and can be externally mounted) which provides 4 Low Pass Gates / VCAs. Such a simple & cheap way of taking four droning VCOs and dynamically shaping all of their outputs independently. For £70.


Future Sound Systems MTX9 3