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Audio Damage PROTON just in! plus SHAPES & SEQUENCER 1 restock

Audio Damage have just released another exciting Eurorack module – PROTON – and it’s in stock now! This fella uses a tuned delay line to create string synthesis, in the Karplus Strong vein. It comes with an onboard LP/HP filter and internal noise impulse to stimulate the delay/ “twang” of the string. There are many adjustable and voltage-controllable parameters such as: Damping, Impulse Filtering, Impulse Decay Time, Decay, Sub & Mix Control – PLUS you can also run external signals through the delay to use it as a more traditional tape-style delay effect. The video at the bottom of this page will give you some idea of the gnarly, distorted bass and lead guitar sounds PROTON is capable of – among other things…


  • SHAPES – A wavetable-based stereo digital waveshaper/ folder/ distortion module in 6hp. It will shape any source into a motherload of new sounds – from a simple sine or triangle oscillator, all the way up to full stereo program material.
  • SEQUENCER 1 – This is an incredibly powerful, feature-packed CV/Gate sequencer with a multitude of outputs & modes. It receives regular firmware upgrades, which can be implemented via a handy SD card, which can also be used to store patterns.


  • SPECTRE – Stereo FFT Freeze Effect Module, for Drones and Drum Glitching
  • NEURON – Full drum synthesis voice module