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Expert Sleepers DISTING mk.3 back in stock! v.3.6 firmware installed

The ever-popular Expert Sleepers DISTING mk.3 is back in stock. These will be the last units at the current price, before a slight price increase kicks in on the next batch of mk.3s.

The latest firmware – v.3.6 – comes pre-installed, or previous users can download it HERE.

This update adds the following features:

  • Added support for mono WAV files.
  • Increased maximum number of WAV files per playlist to 64.
  • Added an input attenuation parameter to the quantizer algorithm.
  • Increased octave shift range in VCO algorithms.
  • Added a y offset (waveshape) parameter to the VCO with waveshaping algorithm.
  • Fixed a hang if a playlist file ended with multiple blank lines.