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Detroit Underground DU-SEQ in stock! plus Vintage Synth Lab VCF-74, EAR MODEL 41, BRAIN SEED restocks

Darkplace news 4.1

Another box of goodies from Darkplace Manufacturing has dropped – this time containing the brand new sequencer from Detroit Underground, the DU-SEQ!

This has some really interesting features, such as the ability to input external gate patterns into any step – allowing for certain steps to contain blasts of erratic triggers, or triplets, or whatever you inject into it! It can also switch to half speed upon receipt of a gate – nifty! The DU-SEQ’s other features include:

  • internal/ external clock
  • onboard slew limiter
  • gate length control
  • up to 8 pulse count per step
  • 6 different gate options per step
  • 2 external gate inputs, which can be selected to appear on any step
  • cv over direction
  • cv over step selection
  • 1/2 speed clock input
  • no microprocessors – fully analog!



We have also restocked the following:

  • Vintage Synth Lab VCF-74 – Vintage dual Diode filter from the Mini-Korg synthesizer’s “Traveler” filter section
  • Electro-Acoustic Research MODEL 41 STEINER 4P FILTER – 24db/oct Sallen-Key Filter, with 3 Mixable Output Modes, VC-Resonance & Switchable Distortion Flavours and Resonance Polarity
  • Antimatter Audio BRAIN SEED – Advanced Step Recorder, with Quantizer, Trigger Out, Shift/ Transpose, Onboard Memory & Much More!
  • Malekko PERFORMANCE BUFFERED MULT and MIX 4 – ever-popular utility modules