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AJH Synth RING SM & SONIC XV just arrived! plus massive MINIMOD restock

AJH Synth News 3.1

AJH Synth are back with 2 exciting new releases – the RING SM and the SONIC XV – designed with a similar “no compromise” mind-set as their gorgeous MINIMOD range of modules.

  • RING SM – Combined Vintage-Voiced Ring Mod, Suboctave Generator and Saturating Mixer
  • SONIC XV – 4 Pole Diode Ladder Filter, with Wavefolding / Waveshaping, 24db & 6db Lowpass and Bandpass Outputs

We have also restocked the following MINIMOD modules:

  • Vintage Transistor Core VCO
  • Transistor Ladder Filter
  • Discrete Cascaded VCA
  • Dual Contour Generators

All modules are currently available in standard (silver panel) or DARK EDITION


Ring SM Siver and DARK ED Front - side

Sonic XV Silver & DARK ED Front-side