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Audio Damage SHAPES just in! plus SEQUENCER 1 & NEURON restock

Another tidy Audio Damage processing module has emerged – SHAPES – and it’s in stock now! Shapes is a wavetable-based stereo digital waveshaper/ folder/ distortion module in 6hp. It will shape any source, from a simple sine or triangle oscillator on up to full stereo program material, in to a motherload of new sounds. From turning a sine in to a simple square or saw on up to full Nine Inch Nails / Merzbow level destruction, Shapes adds hugely to the sonic palette of your Eurorack modular synthesizer.

ALSO: First batch of SEQUENCER 1 has arrived – This is an incredibly powerful, feature-packed CV/Gate sequencer with a multitude of outputs & modes. It receives regular firmware upgrades, which can be implemented via a handy SD card, which can also be used to store patterns.

We have also restocked the ever-popular NEURON Drum Synthesizer Voice

Also in stock:

  • SPECTRE – a Stereo FFT Freeze Effect Module, for Drones and Drum Glitching
  • DUB JR MK.2 – Tempo-Synced Delay Effect, with Dual Delay Modes, Feedback Send/Return