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Make Noise O-Coast Preorder Back On Again!

Make Noise News 5.1

After a bit of EU Referendum-related concern¬†over the Pound’s increasingly¬†dire exchange rate, we temporarily decided to suspend the O Coast preorders until a clearer picture of the expected costs could emerge. We don’t like making promises we aren’t 100% confident of keeping.

….but we now have GOOD NEWS: We have just paid the O Coast we’re on!

It is due to ship around the end of July, and we have 9 units coming – of which only 1 is taken thus far.

This was one of the stars of NAMM and the other trade shows this year, and we have been salivating over it ever since (not literally…)

It contains a comprehensive collection of functions for going deep into Make Noise’s catalogue of sonics, without having to outlay a fortune. It should also offer experienced users an appealing portable option to run alongside other rigs.