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Noise Engineering Restock: Sinc Iter, Confundo Funkitus, Integra Funkitus, Loquelic Iteritas rev.2 & Basimilus Iteritas Alter

Noise Engineering News 2.1

Part 2 of our latest Noise Engineering delivery is here! Along with further units of the Loquelic Iteritas rev.2 and Basimilus Iteritas Alter, we are pleased to announce the arrival of the Sinc Iter digital VCO/LFO, and the rhythmic manglers Confundo Funkitus and Integra Funkitus.

  • Sinc Iter – a space-saving 4hp digital oscillator from Noise Engineering. It features a 23 octave range, multiple synthesis modes, a built-in quantizer for the 1v/oct input, a Sync input, Phase CV input, and a Spectrum (Morph-Fold) CV input.
  • Integra Funkitus – takes up to four input rhythms and combines and modes them into rhythm outputs. There are three modes: two based on probability and one on generalized logic combinations.
  • Confundo Funkitus – crossfades between two sets of four rhythms using probability. Three different probability curves can be selected to control the behaviour of the crossfader. Per-part switch mutes are included with live performance in mind.


Also in stock – WMD Buffered Mult: Three channel buffered multiple. Each channel has a dual color LED indicating Green for a positive voltage, and Red for a negative voltage. Each channel is normaled to the next channel for a total of NINE outputs from one input.