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Intellijel Restock: Metropolis, Shapeshifter, Rainmaker & much, much more!

Intellijel News 4.1

Our biggest restock yet from Intellijel has just landed – which everyone who has preordered Rainmakers will be happy to hear! 🙂

There will be a VERY limited number of Rainmakers available to purchase on the site, and we have got the wonderful Metropolis sequencer in stock for the very first time!

…and that’s not the end of the story, as we have also restocked a number of other Intellijel products:

  • Cylonix Shapeshifter
  • Dual ADSR
  • Quadra & Expander
  • Buffered Multiple
  • uVCA mk.2
  • uScale mk.2
  • uMIDI
  • Polaris
  • Dixie mk.2