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Erica Synths – Dtech (Deluxe Polivoks) VCF [divkid]


In this video, Ben “DivKid” Wilson looks at a superb Polivoks filter clone – the Erica Synths Dtech VCF. This is the most fully-featured Polivoks filter clone available today, and uses the original Russian ICs K140UD12 found in the synth itself. Check out its growly, crunchy, acidic beauty in the video!


  • Filter curve control (6db – 12db)
  • Resonance CV and slope control (for different flavours of resonance)
  • Unique CV assign function – CV inputs can be assigned to Cutoff, Resonance, or both
  • Input level control
  • Lowpass & Bandpass modes
  • Buffered inputs with diode protection
  • Diode protection on reversed power supply voltage
  • 1V/oct response


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