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Studio Electronics Tonestar en Route – Available to Order now!

Studio Electronics News 3.1

We are very excited to announce that the first UK units of the long-awaited TONESTAR from Studio Electronics are winging their way to us as we speak! This is a full-on synth voice, at a VERY attractive price-point – £449 – and has been generating a lot of interest since it was debuted at various trade shows earlier this year.

For beginners it features everything you could need to get going with Eurorack modular synthesis..and for the more experienced user it can offer a solid, flexible additional synth voice in one neat package – for home or portable use.

The module features the lovely ARP 2600 filter, with on-board drive and feedback to thicken the sound even further. This was one of the standout products at Superbooth 16, and Ben “DivKid” Wilson certainly had some high praise for its hefty tones – see below for a quick video run-through of a slightly earlier prototype of the unit.

It also features various “hidden” VCAs to control modulation depths for more complex patches, along with a patchbay which brings every conceivable connection to your fingertips. Other features include: sub generator, noise source, dual envelopes, external input and various handy normalled and/or switchable internal patching.

Stock arriving later this week – 3rd/4th June