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Frequency Central System X Envelope & Wave Runner back in stock!

Frequency Central News 2.1

Snappier than an angry alligator, the Frequency Central System X Envelope is back in stock by popular demand! This no-fuss 4HP ADSR – based on the Roland System 100 implementation – is renowned for its musical response. Having made it into a number of Matttech Modular portable systems, we can certainly attest to this!

Also – Runnier than a… (no, that doesn’t really work does it?) – the Wave Runner LFO is also available again. This diminutive 4HP LFO module boasts 8 waveforms: Sawtooth, Ramp, Pulse, Triangle, Sine, Noise, Sample & Hold, Stepped Triangle/ Sawtooth/ Ramp. The Distort control further manipulates the shape of these waves in various ways, depending on which is selected, and the Sync allows it to sync to an external clock source. A bundled VCA allows for on-board control over the LFO’s level. sweet!

Both modules in fully-assembled retail format.

Also in stock: the System X S/H Noise – a sample and hold/noise module based on the Roland 100M 150 module. It includes a 2 channel CV mixer which enables you to mix a couple of different CV sources to get some really complex S/H modulations. It also has a Gated Lag (glide/ slew), which can be switched on and off by an external gate – neat!


Frequency Central System X S+H Noise