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Make Noise Re-up! – Tempi, Maths, Optomix rev.2, Wogglebug, LxD, Pressure Points & Brains

Make Noise News 4

A BIG box of Make Noise Eurorack modules has landed, including restocks of the following:

  • Tempi – fully featured clock divider and all-round rhythmic madness generator
  • Maths – possibly the most popular Eurorack module of all time. Everybody needs a Maths!
  • Optomix rev.2 – dual lowpass gate, with onboard mixing. Now features: Sidechain Compression, Envelope Generation, CV Processing
  • Wogglebug – all the random you can handle, in one convenient package!
  • LxD – space-conscious dual lowpass gate in 4hp
  • Pressure Points – touchplate controller and voltage source
  • Brains – expander for Pressure Points, turning it into a sequencer with touch control