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Massive Erica Synths Restock – plus Black Hole DSP, Dual EG/LFO, Quad VCA, Dtech VCF, Seq Switch & CV Expander..

Erica News Synths 2.1

Hi All! Some brand new Erica Synths Eurorack modules have just hit the store, fresh from Latvia!:

  • Black Hole DSP – Voltage-controlled multi-effects unit, with some lovely reverb on board
  • Black EG/LFO – Flexible dual envelope or LFO with multiple modes of operation
  • Black Quad VCA – Hi-fidelity quad VCA for critical audio use, with normalised routing and mixing options
  • 8-Channel Sequential Switch – Ultra-flexible sequential switch with manual triggers, and many different modes of operation
  • Sequential Switch CV Expander – Turns the Sequential Switch into a full sequencer, with just about every mode of operation you could imagine.
  • Dtech VCF – The most fully-featured Polivoks filter on the market. Control over Resonance, Slope, Cutoff Curve.. Ridiculous!

We have also restocked the following:

  • Black Varishape VCO
  • Black Polivoks
  • Black Output Module
  • Black VC Clock


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