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Matttech Modular – Flexible Portable Eurorack Systems: Group Jam [divkid]


On the 30th of October Matttech Modular held an event at MadLab in Manchester to present and demo ‘Flexible Portable Eurorack Systems’. DivKid presented a drum and percussion based system, Matttech then demonstrated a more standard synth voice, and Matthew Shaw followed up by tackling a more experimental “west coast” set up.

The event was very informal – with lots of chat, questions and experimentation throughout the evening.

This video contains excepts of an improvised experimental jam we had at the end of the night. Completely unplanned and unrehearsed, it actually turned out better than expected!

Everything was caught on a single camcorder up above each case. We chose not to set up a second camera pointing at the people presenting as we wanted to create a casual vibe, where people could play around and touch things (and not potentially feel awkward with a camera right in their face!). Audio was captured on a Zoom H4n.

Here’s the Sonicstate feature on the workshop, with further details on the systems used:

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