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Tiptop Audio Restock – inc. zDSP & Cartridges, plus Stackcables

Tiptop News 2.1

We are pleased to announce a restock of a range of Eurorack modules from Tiptop Audio, including the zDSP – a fully voltage-controlled signal processor – capable of a wide range of effects via its various expansion cartridges.

These expansions range from Delays (a Dragonfly Delay cartridge is included) to bit-crushing, pitch-shifting, filters, granular processing and lush reverbs. We have sourced the latest expansions from ValhallaDSP – Shimmer and Halls of Valhalla – along with the new Grain de Folie (granular) and Time Fabric (pitch shifting) cartridges.

Also available for the first time at Matttech Modular – after MANY requests – are the Stackcables! These are influenced by banana plugs, and allow for signals to be split to multiple destinations without having to give up valuable case space for multiples. For logistical reasons these are only available in sets of 3 per colour. If combined with another order they will only add a small amount to the shipping costs…. and if they sell well, we’ll be getting more!

We have also restocked two old favourites: the z2040 (one of my all-time favourite filters, with the lushest saturation ever…and TWO built-in VCAs!); and the z8000 matrix sequencer (no less than TEN sequencers with independent clocking, resets and direction inputs – but all sharing the same pots)