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Rossum Electro-Music Hits the UK! WMD & Orgone Accumulator restocks

Rossum News 1.1

Well, yet another big box of goodies from the dependable WMDevices manufacturing stable has just landed – including the brand new module from esteemed synth designer Dave Rossum: the Evolution filter!

Anyone with even a passing interest in synths and samplers will know the name Dave Rossum, as he has been involved in many of the most impressive developments in this field for many years now – largely centred around the EMU range of products, but he also had a hand on many other classics, such as the Prophet 5 and Oberheim 4 Voice. Check out his biog HERE

His first offering within the Eurorack modular market is the Evolution filter – Dave’s take on the classic transistor ladder design…but with many other tricks up its sleeve. More details can be found HERE

Initially these are in very limited quantity, but a restock will occur shortly after the initial run. Once the first few have sold out simply put your order through – as a “backorder” – to guarantee getting one from the second batch (due to follow a few weeks later)


Also in the shipment is a restock of many WMDevices products – Multimode Envelope & Expander, PDO mk.2 & Triple Bipolar VCA, Compressor and Pro Output.

Plus we have added the Multimode VCA for the very first time – an abslute workhorse of a VCA, which can function as a wide variety of other things: Panner, Crossfader, Saturator, Mixer…and has some absolutely gorgeous saturation tones.


Last but not least – another batch of the wonderful Neutron Sound Orgone Accumulator