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Neutron Sound (retail) Orgone Accumulator Back in Stock

Neutron Sound News 2.2

Back in stock: The “retail” version of the popular Orgone Accumulator from Neutron Sound.

This is a multi-faceted wave-morphing, FM monstrosity of an oscillator, with 8 different internal effects. This should DEFINITELY appeal to fans of modules such as the Harvestman Piston Honda, WMD Gamma Wave Source and Cylonix Cyclebox – having a wide range of tones, all the way from gritty and aliased to smooth and luxuriant.

Not only does it have a fancy new panel, along with a load of extra features…but it’s also professionally built for you by WMDevices. In addition to the original features there is now a PWM SUB, DRUM mode, CV inputs for all WAVE selections (including MOD wave). The interface has also been tweaked to make it easier to use.

Check out the MANUAL to get an idea of what this badboy can do!!

Neutron Sound News 2.1

See below for various demos of the original DIY version of the Orgone Accumulator: