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Intellijel Polaris, Dixie mk.2+ and uMIDI in Stock!

Intellijel News 2.1

Matttech Modular is pleased to announce that all three of the new Intellijel Eurorack modules are now in stock: the Polaris multimode VCF & Phaser, the expanded Dixie mk.2+ and the nifty MIDI for all your MIDI to CV duties.

We have also added the crazy Dubmix voltage-controlled mixer, for all the dub-style automated FX send madness you can handle….and the successor to one of my all-time favourite modules (the Cyclebox): the Cylonix Shapeshifter….just about as complex as an oscillator can get!

All of these are in limited quantities, so get yer skates on!


(Also added restocks of Rubicon, uScale, Quadra Expander & Dual ADSR)