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Future Sound Systems POCA (VAC1) in Stock – 4 Passive LPGs in 6hp!!

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Finlay Shakespeare of Future Sound Systems (FSS) has been working on something quite special for a while, and I’ve been dying to get my hands on these – The POCA (VAC1) “Passive Optically-Controlled Attenuator”. This module offers FOUR CHANNELS of Lowpass Gates or VCAs in 6hp. For £70!!

Not ONLY that, but it’s a completely passive…so doesn’t require any power. Perfect if you wanted to mount it outside your case – say, screwed into a couple of blocks of wood on your desk – or if you have run out of sockets/ power on a small uZeus-powered case for example.

I have been impressed by the sound of it from the demos, and each channel can also  be used as a straight VCA. The channels’ audio and CV inputs are cascaded, so you can utilise several channels in series to provide even more attenuation.