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Sputnik Modular – Dual Oscillator [matttech]



These demos tackle the new Dual Oscillator from Sputnik Modular, based on a classic Buchla design, and capable of some serious mayhem. In theseĀ recordings I mainly wanted to see if I could use it in a “musical” context, rather than abusing it to create insane noises. The FINAL output is the star of the show, producing a sound reminiscent of a distorted, feedbacking guitar at points. Certainly capable of some very organic timbres.


DEMO 01 – Melody & Bassline v.1

Patch Details:

1. A sequence was set up on the Korg SQ1, using the CV Duty mode, and sent to the Dual Osc’s Generator 2 1v/oct input.
2. Gen 2’s FINAL output was mixed with its Sine output in a bipolar mixer. The phase of the Sine was inverted, as this produced a better result when mixed with the FINAL wave.
3. The mixer’s output was fed into a VCA, controlled by an envelope triggered by the SQ1 and recorded direct, producing the higher “melody” line.
4. Generator 1 was used to produce a bassline, with its Triangle wave sequenced from Logic via Silent Way/ ES3. Its output was fed into a VCA, controlled by the envelope from Silent Way. This was recorded direct.
5. Generator 1’s Square output was also used – via a VCA – and fed into the SYNC input of Gen 2. This meant that the SYNC of Gen 2 was only active when Ge 1’s notes were triggered from Silent Way – allowing the SYNC to fall away in between times.
6. Various erratic modulation shapes were created in the 4ms PEG (which seems to make it into every patch I ever do) and used to modulate the HARMONICS and TIMBRE sections of the Dual Osc.
7. Some additional modulation was set up using the internal mod bus on the Dual Osc, and controlled by a slow LFO.
8. During the recording various controls were tweaked: SQ1’s step ON/OFF buttons; PEG’s divisions and Skew; Dual Osc’s modulation depths and Harmonics/ Timbre controls

Production Notes:

Some EQ and effects (reverb, delay) were added during mixdown, and the bassline was processed by the Audio Damage Vapor chorus plugin, and double-tracked.


DEMO 02 – Melody & Bassline v.2

Patch Details:

This second demo is a variation on the patch used in Demo 01 – but with slightly more/ different modulation and tweaking during recording.