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Sputnik Modular Dual Oscillator in Stock! – Plus other restocks..

Well, well – looks what’s just arrived!

The brand-new module from Sputnik Modular – the Dual Oscillator – something I know many people have been looking forward to since it was announced earlier this year. This should prove an interesting alternative option to units such as the Make Noise DPO, and comes in at an attractive price point too.

It takes its inspiration from a lovely Buchla dual analogue VCO, and features two independent VCOs, which can be used independently, or combined in multiple different ways to produce an exotic array of pure analogue timbral variation. One VCO can be set to act as an LFO, and the two VCOs can be synced, and combined to produce Amplitude Modulation (AM), Frequency Modulation (FM) or Waveshaping.

Also just arrived: the super-flexible Valve Multiplier – 6 VCAs in one module, with Exponential AND Linear CV responses, along with lots of normalisation options which can let you use it as user-defined multiples, or patch it to mimic mixer-style Aux Sends (see product page for details)

To get you in the mood – here’s some more cheeky videos of it in action: