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Cheeky Little 3HP Malekko Modules Coming Soon

Malekko News 2

Following on from the handy NOISE module, Matttech Modular is pleased to announce that we have a couple more useful utility modules on their way: the Malekko Heavy Industries Mute 4 and Mix 4.

These are both 3HP wide, and serve to fill up awkward gaps resulting from other odd-sized modules (Harvestman etc..). You can also obviously get a couple from the series, and fill 6hp of room – so you don’t NEED to have any odd-sized gaps to take advantage of them.

The Mix 4 is probably the smallest 4 channel mixer – featuring level controls – on the market.

The Mute 4 could be useful in a myriad of ways, by bringing the following in and out:

  • additional sonic layers of a patch during jamming/ recording
  • additional modulation routings
  • FM / audio rate modulation, alongside more traditional cv sources
  • inverted versions of cv sources or gates, in order to vary patterns

There is also a VERY special module coming in the same shipment – not necessarily from Malekko.

I’ll just leave that hanging there… 🙂