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Braids is Back! – Video Celebration

Mutable Instruments News 6.1

After a little while languishing on the sidelines, Mutable Instruments’ wonderful multi-faceted digital VCO Braids is now available again! And further more, it doesn’t need external +5v any more. Nice.

This really is chock-full of surprises, with bags of different synthesis modes – from wavetables to analogue emulations to drum sounds to physical modelling. It really is a beast, and I’d recommend it to anyone.

So, to celebrate, here is a selection of some demos of this excellent product:

(Many thanks to Matt Shaw, DivKid, Lesindes, Surachai, Patatelemage, Zonk’t, Allthegeardotnet, Ilya M, Bigcitymusic, DavidH, Synthetic Machines and AsselMC for putting together these inspiring videos)

BRAIDS: Shipping from Tuesday 6th October – AVAILABLE HERE


PEAKS: Shipping from Tuesday 6th October –  AVAILABLE HERE