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Noise Engineering on its Way!

Noise Engineering News 01

Matttech Modular is very pleased to announce that Noise Engineering have been added to our range, with a selection of their most exciting products on their way to us as we speak:

Basimilus Iteritas – This is the drum synth module that started the latest craze for such products (Dinky’s Taiko, Audio Damage Neuron etc..). It has been very hard to get hold of for some time now, and we’re pleased to have a¬†consignment on its way. Everything you could ask for in a drum voice, and the perfect partner for a Dinky’s. Forget about tired 909/808 sounds, this is far more “modular” in its approach and offers tons more in terms of synthesis option.

Variatic Erumption – burst generators are few and far between, but this one offers TWO of them, plus an onboard VC-LFO with its own output, and a clock divider. Fire off chaotic bursts of gates to the rest of your patch / system – all synced to the internal LFO or external clock.

Loquelic Iteritas – a VCO that has excited me more than any other I’ve heard for a while. For any fans of the Cyclebox, this offers 3 synthesis modes and an intuitive interface – and creates some unearthly sounds that sit somewhere between warbling/ gargling digital madness and wavefolded pitched tones. CANNOT wait for this one!

See below for the videos that made me go “WHOAAAH!! yes PLEASE!!”

and 6.00 onwards in this one: