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Matttech Modular Workshop 2 (30.10.15) – Flexible Portable Eurorack Systems

Matttech Modular Workshop 2 News

Following on from out extremely successful workshop with WMDevices back in April, Matttech Modular is back with another modular synth workshop on Friday October 30th, at MADLAB, Manchester City Centre. Proceedings will commence at 7.00, and finishing at approximately 9.00.

This time the focus is on putting together flexible, portable Eurorack systems.

Matttech Modular owner Matt “Matttech” Preston will be joined by Ben “DivKid” Wilson and sound designer Matthew Shaw, with each presenting their own individual take on a portable setup.

This workshop will be of interest to beginners as it will almost certainly touch on modular fundamentals, and its focus on limited sized systems should make it more approachable for those daunted by the initial financial outlay. A system doesn’t have to be large to be endlessly fascinating.

It will also be relevant to more experienced synthesists, as it will touch on designs that are relatively new and assist with folk who have enormous setups, but would like to also put together a separate portable case without losing too much in terms of patching options.

The event will feature explanations of the system planning processes, demonstrations of the cases in action, some hands-on time and Q&A, and time permitting a short jam involving all three setups locked together in (hopefully) perfect harmony!

Entry is FREE, but any donations to MadLab’s running costs would be extremely gratefully received.

Matttech Modular is the North of England’s first Eurorack Modular Synth store, and will be putting on regular workshops in Manchester in order to connect with like-minded souls, and hopefully expand the scene. Please connect with us at:

Ben “DivKid” Wilson is a synthesist, sound designer and producer, well-known in the Eurorack modular scene for producing the best module demo videos out there. Visit his channel here:

Matthew Shaw is a freelance sound designer and graphic artist, who also runs Polyphasic Recordings, a Canada / UK-base experimental electronic record label: