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Studio Electronics – Boomstar Modular Sci Fi [matttech]



For this demo I wanted to see how much fun I could wring out of the Studio Electronics Sci Fi module – as a modulation source, sound mangler and also as an audio source. The module contains a Sample & Hold with integrated lag/ slew limiter, a ring mod, and two colours of analogue noise. All were used within this patch. The only other sound which was used in this recording was a basic kick loop sample.


DEMO 01 – Full Utilisation

Patch Details

1. A Rubicon was used as the main oscillator, with a Sine and Sub mixed together. Its output was recorded direct, and used as the droning “bassline”. This gradually evolves into a more high pitched Sample & Hold patch as the track progresses.
2. A second, higher synth part was added over the top, and was patched as follows: the Rubicon’s Triangle was used to feed the Sci Fi’s Ring Mod X Input, with a separate Dixie VCO’s Zigzag wave sent into the Y Input. This was shaped into a percussive sound via a VCA, and processed with some delay during mixdown.
3. The Pink and White Noise outputs from the Sci Fi were used to create two percussion/ drum sounds. The two noise outputs were fed into either side of a WMD Multimode VCA. Two randomly-triggered envelopes modulated the two VCA channels independently, shaping the continuous noise into percussive hits – one sounding like a snare/ hi-hat, and the other more like a tom.
4. White Noise was also mixed together with a Maths LFO and used to provide the signal source for the Sci Fi’s Sample & Hold circuit. This was used to control the pitch of the Rubicon at various points.
5. During the recording the following controls were tweaked: decay times of the two Noise VCA envelopes; the relative blend of the Maths LFO and White Noise feeding the S&H; the range and lag time of the S&H; and the frequency of both the Dixie and Rubicon.