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The OWL has Landed! – Rebel Technology now in Stock

Well, well, well – look what just dropped in…a bumper crop of modules from another of the UK’s awesome Eurorack developers: Rebel Technology…..and yep, that includes the multi-faceted, multi-functional OWL MODULAR, with its coat of many colours!

This insane beast can be a modulation source, sound source, sound manipulator, or effects unit and you don’t need to know any coding to use it.

It comes loaded with 5 banks of 8 effects patches out of the box, but you simply head over to HERE to choose from a massive – and growing – library of user patches. Mental

You then use the software (available in Mac, Linux and Windows formats) found HERE to upload your new patch via USB. Simple!

Also in stock: Logoi, Stoicheia, Klasmata and Chronos – all the rhythmic madness your brain can take! Excellent choices for avoiding the sometimes irritating repetitiveness of modular sequencing – and all by simple knob turns, without needing to resort to complex combinations of clocks and trigger sequencers within logic modules.

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