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Mutable Restocks – Shades, Yarns…and now Frames!

Mutable Instruments News 3.2

As part of an ongoing Mutable Instruments restock process, Shades and Yarns are now back in stock….joined by a newcomer: Frames.

Frames is another of those multi-faceted Mutable products that can perform many different functions, with its main one being a “Keyframe Mixer” – basically, it is a 4 channel mixer, which will let you store 4 different “snapshots” (frames) of its 4 channel levels, and morph between them under voltage control. But obviously the fun doesn’t stop there, as it can also be used as a 4 step sequencer, 4 channel attenuator, programmable CV generator, quadrature LFO, etc……

Keep an eye out for further Mutable restocks over the next month or so.