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Matttech Modular – WMD Workshop: Video 7 [divkid]


On April 22nd 2015 Matttech Modular put on a workshop at Madlab in Manchester, UK, featuring William Mathewson from WMDevices, where he kindly demonstrated his new range of modules. These were designed in collaboration with Steady State Fate’s Andrew Morelli and we got to see the much-anticipated Monolith keyboard in all its glory. William also ran through some of WMDevices’ classic designs – such as the Geiger Counter, Synchrodyne and PDO mk.2.

In part 7 William goes head-on with the wonderful PDO mk.2 (Phase Displacement Oscillator). This uses Phase Modulation to create sounds similar to the Casio CZ series of synths – reminiscent of FM but without the pitch artefacts. This being WMD however, there are myriads of additional patching and modulation options which can bend things into unruly shapes pretty quickly!

Keep an eye out for more events from Matttech Modular. Many thanks to Ben “DivKid” Wilson for recording and editing this series of videos.

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