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Sputnik Quad Function & Trigger Source / Quad VCF/VCA – Day One: 4 Channel LPG Patch [matttech]

Sputnik Quad Function Quad VCF VCA Demo 1



This is the result of my first day experimenting with the Sputnik Modular Quad VCF/VCA – otherwise known as a Lowpass Gate,

Further, more focused and technical demos – demonstrating the Quad VCF/VCA in its different modes – will follow. This one is essentially an intuitive patch session, chucking a bunch of modulation and sound sources at the thing to see what happens!



A bit of a late night one, this.

Desperately wanted to have a play with the Sputnik Quad VCF/VCA (Lowpass gates), along with the Quad Function & trigger source, and they certainly didn’t disappoint!

The Lowpass gates are lovely, and seem to have a nice tail to them, without ringing on forever. I’ve not noticed any problematic distortion or anything, and the fact of having 4 of each of the functions generators AND the LPGs really opens up some interesting possibilities – for cross-patching/ triggering etc..

This recording shows how the four LPG channels can be used when fed with 4 different oscs – WMD PDO, Intellijel Dixie, Braids, and the Cyclebox. Various random gates were used to trigger the Quad Function Generator, and other snappy envelopes were also integrated to add some other flavours – ones from Maths, Function , and temp-synced r hythmic ones from the 4ms PEG

I really like results actually – pretty scatty I reckon! I ended up using some standard CV modulation on the lowpass gates at points, in conjunction with the sharp envelopes that were pinging them for the most part – this adds a pleasing “bowed” kind of edge to the sounds at various stages. At around 02:20 onwards I swear I can hear someone sliding around on a violin!

Excellent modules!

More sensible, technical demos follow…