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Intellijel – Atlantis [mylarmelodies]


Wow – Just stumbled across this wonderful new demo of the Intellijel Atlantis module by Mylarmelodies (“Stromcat” on Muff Wiggler).

This thing is a veritable treasure-trove of functionality, in one single synth voice. It takes its inspiration from the Roland SH101, but it doesn’t stop there by any means: It adds voltage control over almost every parameter possible; gives you 26 sockets which allow you to patch in and out of the synth at every juncture you could want;  and represents excellent value for money. Whilst posting in the Muffs thread, I worked out that you’d have to buy all of the following to get the features of the Atlantis:

1 x VCA
2 x VCO
1 x 5 channel audio mixer
1 x 5 channel cv mixer (or a filter with 5 cv inputs/ attenuators)
1 x ADSR
1 x VCA
1 x Multimode FIlter
1 x Sample & Hold
1 x Noise
1 x audio divider (or osc with in-built SUB)

It also SOUNDS great, which is the main thing after all! As with all Intellijel oscs, the sines are really pure and FM beautifully, and the filter is surprisingly flexible, with a wide range of flavours available via the different modes, slopes and drive levels. But don’t take my word for it – check out the excellent Mylarmelodies demo!