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WMDevices Workshop @ Madlab Manchester

Matttech WMD Workshop 1

On April 22nd 2015 Matttech Modular is proud to present a modular synthesizer workshop featuring William Mathewson from WMDevices, makers of exquisite and intriguing Eurorack Synthesizer modules. With names like the “Geiger Counter” and “Micro Hadron Collider”, it’s safe to say that WMD’s devices are at the more experimental end of things. These are truly innovative designs, which really push the envelope in terms of functionality and patch-ability.

Whet your appetite at the following location:

The workshop will take place at Madlab in Manchester City Centre, will feature topics on the design philosophy of WMD modules, basics of modern sound generation, the DIY to production line manufacturing evolution, and of course crazy noises and patching!

For anyone with even a passing interest in synthesis, DIY electronics, modular synths or the manufacturing of such devices, this workshop is essential viewing. WMDevices modules will be on demo, as will the entire new range from William’s collaboration with Steady Steady State, another respected Eurorack designer.

Entry is FREE!!