Huge Intellijel restock: New MORGASMATRON, plus PLONK, MIXUP, TETRAPAD, SHAPESHIFTER & loads more..

We are excited to announce a big restock of other popular Intellijel modules, such as PLONK, TETRAPAD, MIXUP, RAINMAKER, ATLANTIS & SHAPESHIFTER (see below for full list). We have also added some modules we’ve not stocked before, such as the uJACK, AUDIO INTERFACE & uSTEP. In addition we have also managed to snag a batch […]

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Manhattan Analog – VCA [matttech]

  INTRODUCTION Here’s a couple of little demos of the Manhattan Analog THAT-based VCA. I have endeavoured to demonstrate how it responds to a variety of envelope shapes, along with some outright abuse via audio rate Amplitude Modulation.   DEMO 01 – PEG Envelopes & AM Manhattan Analog – VCA by Matttech Modular Demos Patch […]

Manhattan Analog – MA35 [matttech]

  INTRODUCTION For the first five demos I wanted to quickly fire off a number of 1 minute variations on essentially the same patch, in order to demonstrate some of the mA35’s tonal characteristics. All demos were recorded using the Intellijel Rubicon as the sound source, and centred around rhythmic sequences provided by the Doepfer […]