In stock: Rossum LINNAEUS Stereo Thru-Zero State Variable Digital Filter

We have just received our first batch of the latest intriguing product from Rossum Electro-Music – the LINNAEUS filter. This is a stereo state-variable digital filter with a unique ability to linearly modulate its resonant frequency through zero. An alternate mode offers an alternative behaviour that would let LINNAEUS function as a self-contained (i.e., no input required) stereo […]

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Manhattan Analog – VCA [matttech]

  INTRODUCTION Here’s a couple of little demos of the Manhattan Analog THAT-based VCA. I have endeavoured to demonstrate how it responds to a variety of envelope shapes, along with some outright abuse via audio rate Amplitude Modulation.   DEMO 01 – PEG Envelopes & AM Manhattan Analog – VCA by Matttech Modular Demos Patch […]