THE EURORACK SPECIALIST QUAD DRUM VOICE back in stock! Features sample playback, wavetables, digital drum modelling & much more… QUAD DRUM VOICE is now back in stock! Batch 1 sold out very quickly, sooooo…. Only certain products manage to jump out from the onslaught of new releases that appear every year at Superbooth …and the QUAD DRUM VOICE from German brand was certainly one of them! It offers no less that FOUR […]

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Sputnik Quad Function & Trigger Source / Quad VCF/VCA – Basic Modes [matttech]

  INTRODUCTION These are very simple demos, using the same repeating sequence, in order to demonstrate how the various different modes on the Sputnik Modular Quad VCF/VCA lowpass gate can sound. All demos also use the Quad Function & Trigger Source.   DEMO 02 – Combo┬áMode Sputnik Modular – Quad Function & Trigger Source / […]

Manhattan Analog – VCA [matttech]

  INTRODUCTION Here’s a couple of little demos of the Manhattan Analog THAT-based VCA. I have endeavoured to demonstrate how it responds to a variety of envelope shapes, along with some outright abuse via audio rate Amplitude Modulation.   DEMO 01 – PEG Envelopes & AM Manhattan Analog – VCA by Matttech Modular Demos Patch […]